Eliminating Racism
Religious and denominational errors

Racism in Religions and Denominations


Over 40 years of meetings, dialogues and still they have not cracked evil mindsets and thorns of racism in the Church. Though I am non-denominational, I congratulate the nine denominations of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Christian Church Disciples of Christ, Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, International Council of Community Churches, Episcopal Church, Presbyterian Church U.S.A., United Church of Christ, and United Methodist Church for desiring to be, One under the love of G-D.[1] 


Do you really want an end to racism? Are you individually or collectively prepared to stand before G-D and tell the truth that there is no black or white G-D or Christ? Are you bold enough to step outside of your religious or denominational box of tricks and declare One Lord, One G-D and One Spirit – colorlessly in and through us all?    


Can we change the present and future: Black and White Lies in the World and Church...


I want to challenge every religion, organization, denomination and professed believer to embrace and teach One Colorless G-D against racism in the pews, board-room and your world within. I want to radically enlighten people and organizations in understanding: a) What is racism, b) What is its origin? c) How do we eliminate racism for good?


By highlighting the above three areas of racism it is hoped that the root of racism will be exposed then it is up to positive people to destroy all roots within there minds, organizations, Church or religious temple.


What is racism, and what is its origin:


            First, there can never be racism in the body, Spirit or Hebrew Church of G-D. There is only racism in religions, denominations and the world at large. Racism also has many definitions some partly true and others weird and cruel. For instance, the Methodist Church defines it:


“Racism is sin and contrary to the imperatives of the Gospel[2]


Whereas the Mormons attempt to define it:


“Racial degeneration, resulting in differences in appearance and spiritual aptitude, has risen since the fall. We know the circumstances under which the posterity of Cain (and later of Ham) were born with the characteristics of the black race.”[3]


The thought that religious or denominational churches are writing and teaching such heresy is merely a repeat of the mythical past when fake discoverers claimed to find people wiser and older than their heritage; but they could not bring themselves to honoring people and countries outside of their own. They even stared God square in the face, raped women, stole from colorful people and counterfeited their western history.


From merciless pirates, beastly flesh eating Saxons to the white knights templar of sight, most have murdered, raped and corrupted the mindsets of people the world over.  


Thus, racism is first and foremost a lie.


It is a lie of an individual thinking or believing that he or she of the color of their skin is superior to a person darker or lighter in complexion. So-called black, white and other people have been lied too and fooled into thinking that they are superior or inferior of creation. In fact, here is the complete truth: how can you be white or black if you cannot match 100% a white or black car or piece of paper?


Yet, fools with their idiocy claim to be superior in and outside of the Church of being white like God and Christ; whilst falsely color labeling (in their minds) others. I would like to ask you if God is a Spirit, what color is His Spirit? Just in case you have no answer, God is Colorless.


Secondly, how do you get Christ having blond hair and blue eyes when he was born and raised between an Hebrew African and Arabian Peninsulas? Further, Christ did not even know or speak Latin, English or Greek, so how could his name be, Jesus?


 Imagine someone calling you something else in a totally different tongue and language. Instead of saying Peter, they are calling you Sheba. Yet Greco-Romanism has bastardize not only the name of Christ, but the entire Ethiopic and Hebrew alphabet and language. That may very well explain why the word Christianity is NOT in the Bible or Holy manuscripts of old.


The real plan of fake discoverers, pilgrims and western writers was to counterfeit and destroy the rich artifacts and history of the first Ethiopic and Hebrew civilization. They did this by raping the land of women, treasure and history then enslaving the men bringing them into a foreign land, altering their culture and forcing them to now do things Greco-Roman Christianity's way. That is why they would tell you what to say, believe and do. They were deliberately trying to erase the history and mindsets of colorful Ethiopic Hebrew Jewish people and truth. They even changed their names and divided their families but - IT HAS NOT WORKED.


Thirdly, did not the Bible tell you not to create false images or ANY likeness of anything in Heaven or on earth? So, what does the blond hair and blue eyed Jesus, Ol, Sananda, or Osiris represent?  Try pagan worship, sorcery, or witchcraft.


Thus, racism is a lie and deception of things above and of the world.


Fake pirates, pilgrims and discoverers were the ones that fooled the world of atheists, religions and denominations with Christianity (not Christians) and racism.


Indeed racism begins within. It starts in the mindsets of people fooled into thinking that G-D had a palette of paint and randomly painted people of superiority and inferiority then enslaved them for life. There are also wild imaginary claims that white people are Israel the chosen generation of G-D, and black people come from Ham and Cain. Ham is rooted in Southwest Arabia. Further, how do you even get two blood brothers one black and one white? The so-called black one kills the white one to start the racist genocide. Well, do you believe the Word of G-D or your religion, denomination or racist and atheist self? Let’s see:


1.                          Read Revelation 22: 7 KJV “Blessed is he that keepeth the saying of the prophecy of this book.” There is no mention of skin color. You are, blessed according to what you believe as faith is colorless.


2.                          Read Exodus 31: 13 KJV “Speak thou unto the Children of Israel, saying, verily my Sabbaths ye shall keep: for it is a sign between me and you throughout your generations; that ye may know that I am the Lord that doth sanctify you.” If you are not a Jewish (not Roman) Sabbaths keeper, then you are not Israel of a Jewish God and Lord, within. Again, there is no color mentioned as the Universal Law of G-D is colorless. We all have to obey God of a colorless spirit and soul. So all white masks of superiority must fall otherwise you shall be, destroyed of God, within.


3.                          G-D is no respector of persons. (See Romans 2: 11 KJV) The Bible did not say pope, bishop, priest, pastor – it said G-D. Thus, your leader could very well be racist and fooled by white or black skin power or fables of fake discoverers and pilgrims. Note also: the Word of God cannot be, deleted or altered. (See Revelation 22: 19 KJV)


4.                          Let EVERY SOUL - not color be subject unto higher powers. (See Romans 13: 1 KJV)


5.                          The Spirit of G-D does not work OUTSIDE ON THE SKIN of anyone but – within. (See Ephesians 3: 16 KJV)


6.                          The Kingdom of God does NOT come with observation and it is NOT outside of you it too is – within. (See Luke 17: 21 KJV)


7.                          All sorcerers and liars shall be, thrown into the lake of fire. (See Revelation 22: 15 KJV)


The origin of racism comes from white pilgrims, fake discoverers, Romanism, Saxonism, Religionism, denominationism, socialism, westernism, skin head ism, KKK ism and all other isms of white and other supremacy and world.


Racism is, also found among Arabs and all people of class or stereotypical mindsets. Racism is the silent genocide that forcefully rapes and enslaves people of the world. Even the persecutors are, raped and enslaved within for they are the ones keeping the lie and crimes of their white and Arab ancestors alive.


            How do we eliminate racism for good?


            The only way racism can be erased for good is the Colorless Truth shall set us all free. Truth that is colorless and united of the Spirit of God of His Word. No Roman or Anglo Saxon interpretations allowed. We need racist lies exchanged for love and truth by all leaders whether political, social, religious or denominational, openly, rebuking and destroying all illegal stereotypes and classifications of people.


  • A global ban on heretical labels and images of black or whiteness
  • It is a myth archaeologists no longer rely upon. And people do not need it as it only falsely stereotypes. 
  • No more Greco-Roman lies of a blue eyed blond hair sananda or jesus. (See Exodus Chapter 20: 4-5 KJV)
  • If in doubt here is an atheist that knows more than most denominational leaders, pastors and clergy
  • No more walls of division between denominations of Christ. [See Hebrews 12: 23 KJV] 

             If you read the above scripture, it includes the popery bigots of religion.


            You will never eliminate racism unless all heads of state, countries, religions, and denominations denounce it as Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King lived and died for, whilst kings, queens, and leaders ignored unity worldwide. They failed to understand Martin Luther King Jr. was actually doing what most whites had no faith to acknowledge or do.


            Thus, they have quietly returned to the myth and fables of political, social, religious, and denominational white supremacy without realizing whites were never ever the majority worldwide. Even today, so-called-whites only make up 8% of the world population and color is irrelevant.4


            Another way to erase racism in the Church is every professed Christian should declare in writing they denounce these historical lies and mindsets; and send copies to the political heads of state the world over. They could even refuse to spend their income-per-capita outside of themselves until racism is destroyed.


            That is what a colorless God of Spirit was trying to teach the Colorful Children of Israel LOVE NOT THE WORLD – (within) - NEITHER THE THINGS OF THE WORLD. (See 1 John 2: 15-17 KJV)


            The day that religions and denominations remove their segregated labels of division, is the day that the Twelve Tribes of Israel within shall stand unified as described EVERY NATION, TONGUE AND PEOPLE. (See Revelation 5: 9 KJV)


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