Power of Transparency
It's Ok, to be real...


I grew up (as many) coerced, persuaded, groomed, attracted, fooled and deceived by more than I can ever comprehend of world. By world I mean people, things, beliefs, cultures, lifestyles, politics, advertising, promotion etc. etc. You may not yet agree, but most things believed of world is error.


Not until my mature years after the honeymooning of dating, wine and dining being a spend-thrift, traveling, studying and believing the world is mine that I discovered I was wrong. I had been fooled! Hood-winked by all forms of psychology, politics, science, history, stories, perceptions, lifestyles and communications that forgot to educate and teach me fundamentally this world is ONLY TEMPORARY!


I like many bought truck loads of “motivational, religious or spiritual books, CD’s and tapes” only to discover most do not work! If it worked, then hey, there would be a lot more female billionaires than Oprah Winfrey. In fact, women are the ones that are far more spiritual, motivated and educated these days than men. Yet, men wrote most if not all of history, science and the Bible so what on earth is going on?


Women even suffer more pain than men! {Source}


I want to take the bold stance of warning people of all ages DO NOT BELIEVE THE HYPE OF WORLD but get to grips with the most important reason for your motivational discovery and existence: YOU WITHIN.


After-all, that is the primary reason why the world wants you monitored, demographically, psychologically, scientifically, politically, religiously, denominationally etc. etc. Understand people are the only ones with the “power of thought and choice.” That does not mean everyone uses this power. This can only be achieved IF they understand what this world of lifestyles, beliefs, false marketing, geographic, class, demographics, polls, and advertising are all about.


Surely, someone must be thinking what on earth are, you talking about? If the world is so bad then what other alternative do we have? Good question! A professor once warned me: “Never take away from anything unless you can improve on it; even in communication or casual conversation.” This has stayed with me for over 20 plus years. So, the other alternative we ALL have is the spirit and world within. In fact, this is more transparent and powerful than what we are accustomed to understanding or seeing with our natural eyes outwardly.




Have you ever wondered why you cannot physically see G-D? I am sure at some point in living you have. Most of us fall to knees and cry out when we are faced with difficult trials, afflictions or circumstances. No matter what awful or ridiculous sin or crime one has committed most will seek counsel of a HIGHER POWER when trouble, pain, death or financial difficulties arrive. This is actually natural! So don't think weird, not cool or fear! It is more natural than the world is bothered to educate or understand. Darkness of the world is actually trying to eradicate such popularity. G-D is Spirit to spirit who requires spiritual obedience, hosts and forces! [See John 4: 24 KJV]


Spirit is far more powerful and transparent in communication and effect than any phoney lifestyle's, politics, inventions, traditions, pop-idol's or perception. Without Spirit to spirit of good or rebellion as evil, the world would be empty and void. Spirit also demands BELIEF, which too is universally transparent.  A good definition of the word transparency is: openness, clear visibility, allowing transmission of light.


That is exactly how the universe is operated. To simplify matters just think of the LIGHT that daily surrounds and penetrates the earth and cosmos, so vegetation and nature can cycle, live, grow while humans go about their daily lives. Without natural UNIVERSAL LIGHT how would you see, live or go to work? This is no one else but Abba YHWH as G-D Most High. You may call him another name but be careful you are not breaking the Hebrew Ethiopic Law of Revelation 22: 19 KJV


Thus, the universal and innate power of TRANSPARENCY is crucial to your well-being and eternal spirit. That is why your nay must be nay, and yea be yea. [See Matthew 5: 37 KJV]  In fact, there is nothing that YHWH your Creator of Spirit does not see or know. [See Psalms 66:7 KJV]


Such spiritual power is widely mis-transliterated and ignored of an evil world.


You are naturally created in the express image of YHWH. [Genesis 1: 26 KJV] No. This is not religious or denominational this is fact! What many of us have learned of world is actually worthless lifestyles and foolishness! The real education lies within the soul! You cannot access the soul without belief and understanding of YHWH or the Spirit to spirit power of the Most High.


Further, you will never be transparent without testing, truth, love and life. I am not talking about living, for even a murderer is living but that does mean he or she has or knows life. Only the Spirit to spirit within can teach, give or take life of the universe. This is spiritual wisdom of the now that we need a deeper understanding and belief of. It is critical to your capacity to think and do right. Further, not all people have or receive of the same measure of love, truth, faith, spirit, knowledge, wisdom, trials, afflictions, enemies, evil or light.





Confusion and fear of failure and defeat causes billions of people to take drugs for sleep, nerves, depression, hypertension and mental disorder around the world. This in spiritual terms is an invasion of darkness within. Their lives have been overtaken with darkness to the point of dependency on manufacturers of world. This is so sad! Regardless of their age before they dose off into schizophrenic or death allow “spiritual coaches” not some religious or psychic imposter or carnal wizard to teach people how to understand YHWH within. I wrote yesterday, if we ALL cannot embrace it without debate of religion, belief, color, history, politics, science, or culture IT IS NOT TRUTH OR LOVE.


What people are desperately in need of from the tween, teen to adult male or female is universal truth, love and spiritual transparency.  People are tired of waiting, hearing and singing about the many politics, religions and denominations on offer. They just need the supreme source WITHOUT WALLS in the 21st Century and beyond. Is this possible? Absolutely 100%! I am full-time privately coaching in the belief and practice of making such an experience available.


The removal of darkness from each and every human mind, soul and spirit is critical! How much would you pay to save your friend, wife, husband, brother, sister, mother or father from destructive substances, alcohol, low self –esteem, negative thoughts or depression as darkness? You have seen enough drugs and horror movies or versions of an evil world. Why not take a look on the other side of the universe of LIGHT WITHIN.


Do not for one minute associate or confuse what I have presented or stated with religions or denominations. The only source I reference is YHWH as the Hebrew Holy name of the Most High. This is the only LIGHT that is in the universe that shines in and through US all. [See Romans 13: 1 KJV] I make no apologies for quoting scripture for this is universal fact, knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the universe. It just takes deleting all religions and denominations to see ONENESS OF YHWH.



In conclusion, it is healthy to be transparent! Be honest and tell someone how you really feel within. If you feel like a failure or you need help say so. If you feel hurt, pain, disappointed, afraid, burdened, weary from the many struggles, trials and afflictions of world, find someone trained in overcoming and tell them how you feel. I truly believe many people are drugged, alcohol and depressed because of a lack of knowledge.


If people took the time to put that same energy into battling against drugs, alcohol or depression they can overcome anything. That is all that is required! The same energy it takes to doubt, worry, rob, steal, lie, do drugs and hustle invest that energy within.


Seriously, I am here if you need me.






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